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Willkommen Friepoertner Orte  Davensberg Ahnenforschung Familientreffen nach Amerika Frypörtner in Amerika 1663 Urkunden Karte Map Bremerhaven Theo Frieport 17 Blauweisschen Haus Burgstr. 40 Aus dem Leben... Theaterkulisse New Orleans Sophia Kontakt Aktuelles What's new Anekdoten Stories Der typische Frypörtner Frypörtners un... Fragen Wünsche Lexikon Effingham Democrat Eff Volk Impressum Frieport Straßenname Der Name eng Orte eng Davensberg eng Ahnenforschung eng Familientreffen eng nach Amerika eng Frypörtner in Am eng 1663 Urkunden eng Karte Map eng Bremerhaven eng The New Orleans So eng Haus Burgstr. 40 eng Aus dem Leben eng Theaterkulisse eng Effingham Dem eng Eff Volk eng Blauweissch eng Familienbogen deutsch Zeitstrahl 1600 Gästebuch Zeitstrahl 1800 

Ahnenforschung eng

Our sources of genealogical resources are::- historical charters and documents, - Familiy books, funeral notes,- personal contact and anecdotes,- familly photos and archives,- but mainly nice people helping us on family research.We would like to encourage all Friepörtner and Freepartner family members to contact in an uncomplicated way by email, letter or telephone.According to arrangement we shall send personal family tree information up to the first known Frypörtner. >>>> email:

from 1695 to ... present

Our search leads back to 1695 with the very first documentation of an ancestor "Teermann named Frietpartner". The "peasant's house" "Frypörtner" is mentioned in the archives of "Castle Nordkirchen" and other sources. "1634 Lünenburgische military troops burned Davensberg, only 4 houses remained standing". Years later: "Frypörtner house is rebuilt." "On may, 1st, 1867 Johann Bernhard Koch, who bought the house in 1849 (from Johann Bernhard (Barney) Frypörtner), gave it to his son Bernhard Anton Koch." Useful for comparison: 1647 or 1657 the last witch trials in Davensberg are mentioned. 1649 there were 58 people living in 12 houses in Davensberg, on the castle still 13 people. 1683 one of the last bears has been the "Davert" woodland. Source: W. Henrichmann, "Davensberg, Burg und Flecken"

August Friepörtner

Anna F. geb. Merschmöller

"LWL Archiv" Münster

Schloss Nordkirchen 

erste Unterschrift 1839