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Willkommen Friepoertner Orte  Davensberg Ahnenforschung Familientreffen nach Amerika Frypörtner in Amerika 1663 Urkunden Karte Map Bremerhaven Theo Frieport 17 Blauweisschen Haus Burgstr. 40 Aus dem Leben... Theaterkulisse New Orleans Sophia Kontakt Aktuelles What's new Anekdoten Stories Der typische Frypörtner Frypörtners un... Fragen Wünsche Lexikon Effingham Democrat Eff Volk Impressum Frieport Straßenname Der Name eng Orte eng Davensberg eng Ahnenforschung eng Familientreffen eng nach Amerika eng Frypörtner in Am eng 1663 Urkunden eng Karte Map eng Bremerhaven eng The New Orleans So eng Haus Burgstr. 40 eng Aus dem Leben eng Theaterkulisse eng Effingham Dem eng Eff Volk eng Blauweissch eng Familienbogen deutsch Zeitstrahl 1600 Gästebuch Zeitstrahl 1800 

Frypörtner in Am eng

Searching in Effingham, Teutopolis, Shumway, Illinois, USA

At the age of 1 Theodor Friepatner arrived on December 26th 1845 together with his family via Rotterdam in on barque "Superb". At the age of 19 he fought for the Union in Civil War in 1864/1865. He died at the age of 82 and is buried on military cemetery of Danville, Illinois, as Theodore Freepartner.

Near Effingham/ Teutopolis is a field, where the ancestors Johann Friedrich Freepartner and family worked on, probably as hard as in Germany. Barney Friepartner's tombstone stands still since 1881 on "St.Mary's Cemetery" in Shumway. "Frypörtner" changed to "Friep(o)artner". "Ie" replaces "Y" and is replaced by "ee" ersetzt. The "ö", unknown in the English language, changed to "o" later to "a". This website's name "Friepartner,net" connects Friepörtner und Freepartner. Newspapers in that area about 1875 are the "Effingham Democrat" and the "Effingham Republican". Henry Frieportner was accompanied on the occasion of his marriage November, 11th 1875 by his fellow firmen in blue uniforms on horses on his way from Teutopolis to Effingham "in the wildest merriment". Some months later Barny Frieportner married Sophia Batch in February 1876. Effingham Democrat Dorothy and Tim Brumleve translated parts of the "Effingham Volksblatt" into the English language. As all immigrants until today the Germans tried to keep their customs "way of life" and their language alive. "Friepartners" worked at the "Central Illinois Railroad" as "coalshoveler" and inspector for machines." Thank you, Dorothy and Tim !!!.Databases concerning genealogy collect records of birth, marriage and death, passenger lists, military archives and census lists.

Military Cemetery Danville, Illinois

Sophia Aloysia Frypörtner sailed Sophia Friberner at the age of 2 years together with their parents and grandparents named Hölscher.She parried, her burial place is unkown.Passenger lists in New Orleans document the arrival. Johann Bernhard (Barney) Frypörtner mit Anna Catharina Theisselmann reached end of June 1849 New Orleans.


erste Unterschrift 1839