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Willkommen Friepoertner Orte  Davensberg Ahnenforschung Familientreffen nach Amerika Frypörtner in Amerika 1663 Urkunden Karte Map Bremerhaven Theo Frieport 17 Blauweisschen Haus Burgstr. 40 Aus dem Leben... Theaterkulisse New Orleans Sophia Kontakt Aktuelles What's new Anekdoten Stories Der typische Frypörtner Frypörtners un... Fragen Wünsche Lexikon Effingham Democrat Eff Volk Impressum Frieport Straßenname Der Name eng Orte eng Davensberg eng Ahnenforschung eng Familientreffen eng nach Amerika eng Frypörtner in Am eng 1663 Urkunden eng Karte Map eng Bremerhaven eng The New Orleans So eng Haus Burgstr. 40 eng Aus dem Leben eng Theaterkulisse eng Effingham Dem eng Eff Volk eng Blauweissch eng Familienbogen deutsch Zeitstrahl 1600 Gästebuch Zeitstrahl 1800 

nach Amerika eng

In Germany and the USA there live over 80 families named Friepörtner or Freepartner. The first Friepatners (spelling on passenger shiplists) emigrated via Rotterdam to New Orleans and then northward on the Mississippi river to St. Louis, MI a main German immigration city. They settled in Illinois in the young small villages of Effingham / Teutopolis (Greek: town of Germans). Probably "Landcompagnien" organized journey and purchase of land. Bob "Freepartner" showed Johann Friedrich Frypörtner first piece of land. near Teutopolis. Enthusiastic descriptions but also critical experiences from the "land of unlimited opportunities" werde presented in German newspapers for example in Recklinghausen. The emigrants had to sell house and properties to go on a long and unsafe journey with little children. Meanwhile Freepartner families live all over the States from the east coast to Hawaii.In Fullerton near Los Angeles "Bob" Freepartner began family research in the nineties. Visits in the USA and Germany connected the records avalilable. "Bob" found further roots of his mother's side near the Chech border. Regrettably "Bob" passed away in 2002.

The barque "Superb" reached with Friedrich J. and Marianne Fripatner and their 2 children on board("Sophia"Friberner" and "TheodorFriepatner") on December 26th in 1845"Port New Orleans". Johann Bernhard Frypörtner and Anna Catharina Theisselmann followed in 1849 from Bremen to New Orleans.

The picture shows a "Barque", similar to the "Superb". There were some ships with the same name, there are no records about that "Frypörtner-Superb" until today.

Arrival and Settlement

Castle GardenAnkunft Friepatner 

erste Unterschrift 1839