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Willkommen Friepoertner Orte  Davensberg Ahnenforschung Familientreffen nach Amerika Frypörtner in Amerika 1663 Urkunden Karte Map Bremerhaven Theo Frieport 17 Blauweisschen Haus Burgstr. 40 Aus dem Leben... Theaterkulisse New Orleans Sophia Kontakt Aktuelles What's new Anekdoten Stories Der typische Frypörtner Frypörtners un... Fragen Wünsche Lexikon Effingham Democrat Eff Volk Impressum Frieport Straßenname Der Name eng Orte eng Davensberg eng Ahnenforschung eng Familientreffen eng nach Amerika eng Frypörtner in Am eng 1663 Urkunden eng Karte Map eng Bremerhaven eng The New Orleans So eng Haus Burgstr. 40 eng Aus dem Leben eng Theaterkulisse eng Effingham Dem eng Eff Volk eng Blauweissch eng Familienbogen deutsch Zeitstrahl 1600 Gästebuch Zeitstrahl 1800 

Orte eng


This small village south of Münster owns some traces of the Friepörtner - Freepartner name, especially the street Frieport. Documents of the parish of Ascheberg mention the name in different spellings. (Frypörtner, Freypörtener, Friepörtner and others, (see householder's families at the entrance of "Freiheit (means Liberty) Davensberg" were later named after that place. ("free" and gate keeper or "porter" . At the beginning of the 19th century the so called "Frypörtner" family changed house, from former "Dorfstr. 10" (now Burgstr. 40), to today's Frieport 17.

Recklinghausen / Amelsbüren / Dülmen

USA: Effingham und Teutopolis, Illinois

Frypörtner families stayed in that near villages or cities in between 40 miles around Davensberg. 1845 and 1847 the two last families emigrated to America from Davensberg via Rotterdam and New Orleans.The house Frieport Nr. 17 was sold to neighbour "Koch" in 1849. Old parts of that house are still in use. Today's owners offer seminars "Colour printing on drapery", see and some pics: >

Johann Friedrich und Johann Bernhard Frypörtner, the ancestors of all American Freepartners, sailed in 1845 and 1847 from Südkirchen / Davensberg via New Orleans to America. Shipping northward on the Mississippi river to St. Louis, they settled at least near Effingham/Teutopolis, Il. They changed name from Frypörtner to Frieportner and Friepartner, at least "Freepartner"."Barney Friepartner" is buried 1881 on St. Mary's cemetery in Shumway, Il. You can still see his tombstone. Burial places of Johann Friedrich Frypörtner and wife Marianne are still unkown.

Picture of painter Roidkin 1850


"Blauweiß'chen"Frieport 17

Castle GardenAnkunft Friepatner

"Effingham Volksblatt""Teutopolis News",-88.515816&spn=0.064985,0.171661&iwloc=addr 

erste Unterschrift 1839